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Background du carrousel Butterfly shrimp Butterfly shrimp
Butterfly shrimp
Background du carrousel Filet Mignon (8 oz) Filet Mignon (8 oz)
Filet Mignon (8 oz)
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Chicken brochette
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Salmon (8 oz)


Au Vieux Duluth Laval has now moved just beside the old succursale. Come in and enjoy our menu in a wonderful new decor! Au Vieux Duluth Laval is now located at 1755 Industriel corner of St-Martin in Laval. And don't forget bring your own wine!

Enjoy Au Vieux Duluth Restaurants' friendly service and welcoming ambiance with our award winning grilled specialties and seafood dishes, generous portions, excellent value and Bring Your Own Wine/Beer Formula.

Come savour the world famous Au Vieux Duluth butterfly shrimps, our tender chicken breast and brochettes, as well as our signature filet mignon, certified AAA Angus Beef, served with our very own wine sauce.


In order to reward its clients, Au Vieux Duluth Restaurants have introduced a Rewards Program. The Au Vieux Duluth Rewards enables all customers of the Au Vieux Duluth Restaurants to enroll themselves into a loyalty program to obtain Reward Points. PLUS you receive a free meal after every 8th visit*.

*Certain terms and conditions do apply. For more information visit your nearest participating Au Vieux Duluth Restaurant.

Gift certificates

Do you have an anniversary, special occasion, want to make a friend happy or simply have to get a gift that has to be memorable? Au Vieux Duluth gift certificates is your solution. We have stores throughout the province of Quebec that are certain to please any one of your family members and or friends.

For more information please visit your nearest Au Vieux Duluth Restaurant or call 450-663-1165.


Please be advised that an error has crept in the special of $9.95, broadcasted during the month of April throughout the province on Explora TV Station (French specialized TV stations of CBC Group). Actually ended March 27, 2014, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We work that this type of error does not happen again.

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